What are the advantages of learning in a school versus a traditional apprenticeship?

We have a ton of respect for traditional apprenticeships and how you had to earn the right to become a tattoo artist through sacrifice and dedication. There was a time in this country when the skill was passed down with respect, and consideration for the diverse cultures associated with tattooing. While there are artists who value the principles of truly teaching and passing down this trade, there are many more who are not only reluctant to show anyone, but are down right shutting the door on the opportunity all together, discouraging our youth and humiliating them for even attempting to enter. Art is not something you keep to yourself, hatefully discouraging those who have interest. Art is meant to be shared and enjoyed by all who have interest, to spread the joy and passion of this great trade with our youth.

With the controversy growing during today’s apprenticeship model, reports have been made of physical and sexual abuse from women, extreme hazing to a dangerous level from young men, and flat out robbery of time and money spent during apprenticeships; it is clear that this model of learning how to become a tattoo artist must evolve. The Master Tattoo Institute is a tattoo school who believes in teaching tattooing the right way with honor, and respect for the student and the money spent to learn the trade. Your time is a very precious thing, and we intend on valuing it as much as we value our own, and making sure that the time and money you spend here with us will not only be respected, but be taken very seriously. All those who bash or frown on tattoo schools have no idea about how passionate we are about educating tomorrow’s future artists. We wish our students of the past, present, and future to have a joyous career and remember to share your knowledge and experience with others as that’s how our great industry will continue to grow in a positive and successful way.

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