Tattoo (Fundamental)

Tattoo (Fundamental)

Our Fundamental Tattoo course is an intensive 80-hour, or 160-hour online and hands-on tattoo course. The 4-Week version has an option to take the entire course with theory at the school, or an option of taking the theory portion online with the hands-on portion at the physical school. Theory will get you certified for your license and can be taken by itself for $1000, however we do not recommend that you try to learn how to tattoo with just theory. Tattooing is best taught with theory and practical training together.

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Tattoo (Fundamental) is our Gold Standard course which has brought us our greatest recognition. The professional instruction team is State Certified and uniquely qualified in teaching safety standards you must know and follow as a tattoo artist.

All tattoo equipment is provided for use in the hands-on class but not for keeps. Upgrades of tattoo equipment are available upon request. In just four weeks you will receive certification in Blood Borne Pathogens, dangers and prevention.

Make no mistake, tattoo artists are not born, they are made. Your theory (book work) and laboratory practicum (hands on) happens every day.

The Master Tattoo Institute is committed to producing quality and safety conscious practitioners. In fact, we demand it. This is an intensive four weeks that will have you prepared to begin your exciting career upon graduation. You hold the key to your destiny, we give you the foundation.

Our team of educators, counselors, and student services staff are ready, capable, and able to assist you in your quest to jump start your new and exciting career.
Our tattoo school teaches you professional etiquette and industry standards that set you apart from the rest.

Our tattoo course helps you develop your personal portfolio, your tattooing resume, the signature of your unique artistic ability. We give you all the necessary tools for beginning your exciting career. You become empowered to make it happen!


The Tattoo (Fundamental) Course 2 Weeks include:

    • – BBP Certification Included
    • – Sterilization & Aseptic Techniques, Microorganisms & Infectious Disease, Bloodborne Pathogens, Communicable Diseases, Cross-Contamination, Best Shop Safety Practices & Procedures, Equipment Cleaning & Sterilization, Preventing Transmission of BBP
    • – Introduction to the Coil Machine, setup, tuning & maintaining, needles, understanding the equipment (power supply, clip cords, foot pedal)
    • – Needle Configurations (when to use what, and with what machine to use it with)
    • – Inks, color theory, color mixing, tattoo design, stencils, photoshop
    • – Basic Linework & Shading


The Tattoo (Fundamental) Course 4 Weeks include:

        • – Introduction to the rotary tattoo machine, cartridge needles, advanced power supply
        • – Advanced Linework & Shading Techniques
        • – Introduction to color tattooing, and color packing


The Tattoo (Fundamental) Course 6 Weeks include:

            • – Development of advanced linework, shading, & color
            • – Portfolio building
            • – Advanced styles of tattooing
            • – Practice & development of advanced techniques in tattooing


2022 Calendar Dates:

          • January 31st, 2022 – February 11th, 2022
          • March 14th, 2022 – March 12th, 2021
          • April 25th, 2022 June 3rd, 2022
          • June 6th, 2022   July 15th, 2022
          • July 18th, 2022   August 26th, 2022
          • August 29th, 2022 – October 7th, 2022
          • October 10th, 2022 – November 18th, 2022
          • November 21st, 2022 – January 13th, 2023
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