Student services


Part of Master Tattoo Institutes mission statement states “Our goal is to see our industry evolve into a welcoming, professional and peaceful community where artists are free to express themselves and everyone can thrive.” We have been meeting the needs of our students for years and while our mission has remained the same, our quality, technology and techniques for helping students are ever increasing

Student Services


Provides quality guidance, counseling and advocacy services to support the needs of our students.


There are many advantages to joining the Alumni Association – stay in touch, get an edge in your career, network with other MTI Alumni, be the first to know about continuing education, enjoy exclusive perks, and more!


Meet with our career services team for career-related guidance on finding the right job, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills and specific career-related strategies.


Our knowledgeable financial aid advisors are committed to giving each student one-on-one attention because we understand how your education is an important investment. The office gives full administrative support relating to the financial aid process and helps each student with counseling and obtaining accurate financial aid information in order to manage your educational expenses.


The registrar maintains student personal (e.g., immunizations) and academic records, processes schedules and registration activities, handles transcript and enrollment verification requests, among other things.


To confirm your enrollment for the desired term, please submit the Enrollment Agreement along with the $500.00 admissions enrollment deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and only valid for the term for which you have been offered admission. It will be applied to your tuition at the time of enrollment. If you do not enroll, for any reason, this deposit is non-refundable.

You must pay the $500.00 admissions enrollment deposit by your term’s deadline to avoid being subject to administrative fees. If you are offered admission after these deadline dates, you must submit your deposit within two weeks. The date your deposit is paid could affect the orientation or registration date you are offered.

Applicants who demonstrate financial need may request an enrollment fee waiver. For more information please contact the Financing Department at (786) 220-8720.


Because eligibility for education benefits is determined solely by the VA, questions regarding eligibility should be directed to its representatives at or 1-888-442-4551.

Before using VA benefits at MTI, all veterans and dependents must provide documentation of eligibility. For veterans, this documentation includes your DD-214 and a certificate of eligibility. For dependents, certificate of eligibility and the Department of Defense authorization for transferred benefits is required.

If you have submitted an application for benefits to the VA but have not yet received a certificate of eligibility, provide a copy of the full application.

If you are a new student who is a veteran, or if you are an eligible dependent who has never used VA education benefits and would like to apply, complete and submit an application online at