“From my personal experience I can say that MTI is an extraordinary school. The instructors taught me different knowledge about the history of tattooing more-so the ins & outs, do’s & don’ts that I as an upcoming tattoo artist need to know to make me more professional. From attitude to language when dealing with clients to my hand stroke when working with my machine. I feel that from where I was to where I am. Other than my ambition, willpower, determination, openness to be able to learn from fellow artists that came from similar backgrounds, truly I am learning and becoming a better artist at mind, skill set, and accomplishing of a goal that has been well over due but life seek. There really isn’t much I can say upon my instructors other than I clearly know that they care and both are passionate about the art of tattooing. When it comes to letting someone know about the school and inviting them to attend, I will be obliged to let others know. I do it daily. I am looking for Salvation.”

Emanuel (Shadow) Collier,