I’ve learned more in the last two weeks then I initially thought I would learn here in the two months. Whether we are taking the machine apart or putting it back together to see how each and every part works, or learning the fundamentals of maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

The class is full of things that every tattoo artist should know. The class is fast passed giving you as much information as possible. I was really nervous coming here not knowing anyone, but everyone at the shop treats you with so much respect, It is like they have known you for years. Everyone is so helpful and ready to do anything they can to help you. The class itself is a lot of fun, but very serious at the same time. Our instructor is a phenomenal teacher.

The first day of class you could tell how truly invested he was in each and every student. Finding someone that is passionate about tattooing and actually wants to pass that knowledge along is rare. To learn these skills from someone with so much knowledge, practice and talent is a privilege and an honor that no amount of money can pay for. I’ve wanted to tattoo for a long time and I’ve been turned down numerous times, coming here was my one shot to go for my dream and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Clean environment, a lot of respect and friendly payment options make this institute worth every cent.

Nikki Brewer,

I have had many teachers during my working career true masters of there particular crafts mostly in metal work. I have entered into this school with no certainty of what to expect. My teacher has taken many years of trial and errors and condensed it into a very respectful and easy to learn class. He has developed and devoted himself to teach this well guarded art of tattooing to others. without being a shop slave for a year in hopes you get a chance to learn by someone who has nothing to lose if you make it or not. You are a true master of your crafts (tattooing and teaching) I will always be thankful for you and your help. You sir have my upmost respect always and although I’m looking forward to my return home I will miss the teacher and class mates thanks so very much respectful yours Chris Wilkins

Chris Wilkins,

“I enjoyed my experience. It was challenging but very informative. I think the courses are well-rounded. The instructors are both awesome. Each teach differently in their own way. The class is great, I would definitely recommend this course to friends and family. The only sucky part is the end when you’re done and you have to part from the friends you made…I had a great time learning.”

Annette Hernandez,

“Coming to Miami to learn how to tattoo was something I never thought I would do. I’m so glad I made the decision to follow through with this course. I was very pleased with both Micah and Salim as instructors. They taught me way more than any art class has ever taught me. They were both polite and had some of the best advice. The equipment given was very useful and I was more than thankful as I did not expect the supplies we were given. The faculty and everyone as a whole was amazng and I was more than pleased with this opportunity that I was given, and would recommend this institute for anyone pursuing a tattoo career.”

Brice Taylor,