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Master Tatoo Institute

Honoring Our Veterans

We are a VA approved Tattoo School approved for all Veterans benefits including Chapter 33 Post 9/11 Gl Bill, Chapter 30 Montgomery Gl Bill, Chapter 31 Vocational Rehab, Chapter 35 VA's Survivors' and Dependents', 1606 The Montgomery Gl Bill-Selected Reserve, and 1607 to members of Reserve.

Before using VA education benefits at MTI, all veterans and/or dependents must provide documentation of eligibility. For veterans, this documentation includes your DD-214 and a certificate of eligibility. For dependents, certificate of eligibility and the Department of Defense authorization for transferred benefits is required.

If you have submitted and application for benefits to the VA but have not yet received a certificate of eligibility, provide a copy of the full application.

Application For VA
Education Benefits

Veterans are required to submit an application for form 20-1990 from their local VA office to apply for VA benefits, and once that's complete student must provide the school with a letter of eligibility

Request For Change Of
Program Or Place Of Training

Veterans are required to fill out application for form 20-1995 form their local VA office to request a change of program or place of trainging

If you are a new student who is a veteran, or if you are an eligible dependent who has never used VA education benefits and would like to apply, contact our Admissions Department


    What Our Veterans are saying

    "Being a part of The Master Tattoo Institute was one of the best thing i've ever done in my career. I made friends for a lifetime and now I work everyday doing what Ilove. Putting are on peoples bodies. - John "