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The Master Tattoo Institute is widely considered to be one of the best tattoo schools in America.


Why Enroll in the

Master Tattoo Institute?

Considering tattoo school versus tattoo apprenticeship? MTI is a tattoo institute built by tattooers with actual shop experience. Our experience makes us stand out not only as the best tattoo school in Florida but one of the best tattoo schools in the United States. The Master Tattoo Institute provides courses on management, operations, systems, and shop best practices. Our two-year program also covers subjects like tattoo design, needle techniques, safety protocols, and everything you need to know about the tattoo world. Students also have access to state-of-the-art facilities, tattoo studios, tattoo equipment, and an extensive library of tattoo designs.


Awards and



At MTI, community means people: from students, to alumni, the faculty, and staff. The institute makes deliberate efforts to recruit and retain the most talented students, educators, and leaders from around the world. At MTI locations and online, the institute will pursue and engage students’ inspiration and imaginations, ensuring a dynamic trajectory into professional life.


MTI President

Alex Zarfati

Alex Zarfati is the president and founder of Master Tattoo Institute, a school licensed by the Department of Education, certified by the State of Florida, established in 2005. Zarfati also founded and ran a chain of upscale tattoo parlors Salvation Tattoo Lounge (winner of Best Tattoo Shop in Miami for the last eight years) with several locations in the South Florida region.

A true innovator, Alex Zarfati has dedicated more than two decades to serving and leading in the tattoo & piercing industry. Zarfati has guided the institute to unprecedented growth and achievement, from enrollment to graduation, and on to employment. Zarfati is the primary inspiration for MTI’s vision & success, positioning the institute as the preeminent source of knowledge in the field of body art.

Zarfati devotes himself to uplifting young artists to understand the value of great business practice behind great artistic ability. The combination of the two performed at the highest level Zarfati explains is a recipe for domination in our field.

“Our employment rates will be our most valuable message to all students aspiring to become professional tattoo artists.”

– Alex Zarfati
MTI Director/President
Our Alumni

We don’t like to brag, we let our students do that for us.

Check out what our students have to say about Master Tattoo Institute


This school gave me all the skills I need to become amazing. Can't wait to get back home and tattoo all my friends and family. Thank you so much MTI for all your help.

Steve Ramos

My experience here at MTI made me have hope that I can finally achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a tattoo artist. I love this company and I plan on working for Salvation Tattoo Lounge when I graduate. Thank you to the entire staff and a special thanks to the Director Alex, you are a dream maker.

Latoya Johnson

Thanks for the wonderful experience learning how to do paramedical tattooing, eyebrows, microblading, and Scalp Micropigmentation. My long awaited dream is coming true.

Rami Issa

I come from other country to the best school in the world, I learn tattoo and go home and be number one in my country, thank you MTI very much you’ve changed my life forever

Chauncuy Rolle

This course was very helpful, all the instructors were helpful and they had patience, I think that was very good. I’m glad I found the school and I thank you MTI.


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