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Scholarships and grants

Scholarships are financial aid that does not have to be repaid. These gift aid scholarships are merit-based that come from the institute. Scholarships are usually merit-based, meaning they are given based on desired qualities such as artistic and/or academic achievement, or community or extra-curricular involvement. It is important to research our different scholarship opportunities, apply for the ones where you may meet the requirements, and adhere to the specified deadlines. Scholarships are available for both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens.

You may also call the Scholarship Department for more information about the Scholarships, or any questions regarding the scholarship application


(786) 206-9891


Scholarships available to those who qualify. All Candidates must meet all regular admissions requirements and must choose a term they are applying for. If a student changes his/her term date, the scholarship award may be forfeited. Most scholarships cannot be used in conjunction with any other scholarship MTI offers. In most cases, only one award will be given per student. If a student is eligible for multiple scholarships, the scholarship that is most beneficial to the student will be awarded.

The Scholarships are Based on a Student’s Level of Interest and Dedication to Becoming a Full- Time/Long Term Tattoo Artist/Piercer, Judged by our Instructors and Upper Management.

There is a limit on how many scholarships we offer per term or per year and they are all decided on a case-by-case basis.


of new applicants receive scholarships

Scholarships Available

Scholarship Amount Eligibility

Apprenticeship Bundle Scholarship

25% of Tuition

GPA/Attendance requirements

Master Bundle Scholarship

50% of Tuition

GPA/Attendance requirements

International Student Scholarship

50% of Tuition

Must request consideration by submitting a 500-word essay

Scholarship for Minority Students


GPA requirements & demonstrate financial need

Scholarship funds for Referring Students

$500 towards tuition

Referral must enroll & pay minimum $1000 towards tuition

Scholarship for Cosmetic Bundle as Continuing Education


Requirements Apply

Scholarship for Cosmetic Bundle


Restrictions Apply

Scholarships for currently enrolled students

Scholarships may be available to currently enrolled MTI students based on artistic & academic achievement, financial need, or a combination of the two. To be eligible, students should be enrolled in a minimum of the Master Tattoo Bundle program, maintain a GPA of 2.7, and maintain attendance by our scholarship requirements. The scholarship application for current students is available online and can be applied at anytime. Applicants are automatically considered for all applicable scholarships.

Work Study Program

MTI provides paid job opportunities to enrolled students based on artistic & academic achievement. Positions are designed to offer students real-life professional experience and may be available on or off campus. MTI-funded work study positions pay minimum wage at a maximum of 20 hours per week. Student workers are paid every two weeks and earnings are paid by direct deposit. Contact admissions department for more information.


  • You must be enrolled in the Master Tattoo Bundle
  • You must be enrolled for at least 12 months
  • You must maintain a minimum of a 2.7 GPA
  • You must maintain your attendance in accordance with our scholarship requirements

Student employee benefits

  • Students with little or no employment experience can acquire fundamental professional skills necessary in their professional careers.
  • Student employment positions provide valuable knowledge and insight towards their professional careers.



    Asked Questions

    Simple, just submit an application on our website and expect a call back from an admissions counselor

    Asked Questions

    Yes, artwork and a portfolio will greatly help your chances for being approved for a scholarship, but in some cases, artwork is not necessary for some of the other scholarships

    Asked Questions

    Your admissions representative will be sending you an email with your scholarship award certificate, and you should get a phone call congratulating you on your award.

    Asked Questions

    A representative will reach out to you via text message to schedule a scholarship interview by phone

    Asked Questions

    Usually takes 24 hours or a (1 business day). In some cases, it could take up to 36 hours (3 business days)

    Asked Questions

    You will be given a set amount of time to sign your enrollment agreement from your admissions representative in order to keep your scholarship. Usually between (5) to (10) business days

    Asked Questions

    No, you don’t have to start paying right away, however, you do have to choose an enrollment start date on your enrollment paperwork by your given deadline

    Asked Questions

    No, you can only be approved and use (1) scholarship at a time. However, there is an in-school scholarship that can be awarded during your enrollment for outstanding artistic achievement

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    We don’t like to brag, we let our students do that for us.

    Check out what our students have to say about Master Tattoo Institute


    This school gave me all the skills I need to become amazing. Can't wait to get back home and tattoo all my friends and family. Thank you so much MTI for all your help.

    Steve Ramos

    My experience here at MTI made me have hope that I can finally achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a tattoo artist. I love this company and I plan on working for Salvation Tattoo Lounge when I graduate. Thank you to the entire staff and a special thanks to the Director Alex, you are a dream maker.

    Latoya Johnson

    Thanks for the wonderful experience learning how to do paramedical tattooing, eyebrows, microblading, and Scalp Micropigmentation. My long awaited dream is coming true.

    Rami Issa

    I come from other country to the best school in the world, I learn tattoo and go home and be number one in my country, thank you MTI very much you’ve changed my life forever

    Chauncuy Rolle

    This course was very helpful, all the instructors were helpful and they had patience, I think that was very good. I’m glad I found the school and I thank you MTI.


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